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Outside of Nagoya

Inuyama Castle

  • Inuyama Castle
  • Inuyama Castle
  • Inuyama Castle
  • Inuyama Castle

The castle tower looks three stories tall, but has four stories inside, plus two basement floors. It was built by Oda Yojiro Nobuyasu in 1537, and is believed to be the oldest type of Japanese castle. It is designated as a National Treasure. The Naruse family lived in the castle since it was bestowed upon them by the second shogun Hidetada in the Edo period until the end of the period, and until 2004, it was one of only a few privately owned castles in Japan. Possession of the castle has now been transferred to the Inuyama Castle Hakutei Bunko, and it is managed by Inuyama City and visited by many people who come to the castle

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Address 〒484-0082
65-2 Aza Kitakoken, Oaza Inuyama, Inuyama
Area Outside of Nagoya
TEL +81-568-61-1711
FAX +81-568-61-5611
Opening Hours 9:00~17:00
*Admission until 16:30
Regular Holiday 12/29~12/31
Parking 140 spaces



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