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Eastern Area

Peace Park

  • Peace Park
  • Peace Park
  • Peace Park
  • Peace Park
  • Peace Park
  • Peace Park

Park located in Chikusa Ward (partly Meito Ward) in the eastern hilly region of Nagoya. It was developed through a large scale urban reorganization project after World War II, and many of Nagoya's cemeteries were relocated within Peace Park. "Heiwa-do" (Hall of Peace) completed in 1964 is a memorial facility commemorating the relocation of war-damaged cemeteries as part of post-war reconstruction efforts. In addition to being known as a prominent cherry blossom viewing spot with the "Sakura no En" (Cherry Blossom Garden), the park features the spacious "Metasequoia Hiroba" (Metasequoia Plaza), the well-designed "Kurashi no Mori" (Forest of Living) area incorporating existing woodlands and a walking trail, creating a serene space where citizens can relax and enjoy nature.

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Address Nagoya City, Peace Park, Chikusa Ward
Area Eastern Area



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