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Nagoya's Unique Qualities

Five Reasons
Why Nagoya is Selected
as a MICE Destination

Nagoya has various advantages as a venue for MICE,
including sophisticated technologies, rich traditional cultures,
well-equipped conference facilities, and excellent accessibility.
Recognized for these advantages, Nagoya hosts many MICE events
every year and is highly appreciated by their participants.
Here are five reasons why Nagoya is selected as a MICE destination.

Wide Variety of MICE Facilities

Nagoya boasts a wide variety of MICE facilities to choose from depending on the purpose, size and other needs of MICE, including large-scale international conferences.

  • Up to 40,961 ㎡ available for exhibition
  • The Century Hall at the Nagoya Congress Center holds 3,012 pax
  • More than 100 MICE facilities, from large to small, that are affordable and easily accessible
List of MICE Facilities

Comprehensive Support Program

With a comprehensive support system that covers the whole process of MICE, we offer full support for MICE, including a subsidy program for international conferences and so on.

  • Up to 10 million yen subsidy for international conferences

Invitation and Operation Support Services for MICE

  • Step 1Invitation Support
  • Step 2Preparation Support
  • Step 3Operation Support
  • Subsidy Program for
    International Conferences
  • Subsidy Program for
    Meetings & Incentive Tours
  • Subsidy Program for
    Exhibition & Trade fairs
Details on Invitation
and Operation Support Services for MICE

Excellent Location

Nagoya is an economic and transportation node of a great artery that supports Japan's transportation and economy. Chubu Centrair International Airport connects major cities in Japan and overseas, and the Shinkansen and other high-speed trains stop at Nagoya. For easy access to MICE facilities in the city, Nagoya has various transportation systems, including JR, subway and other railroad lines.

  • 28 min. at the fastest from Chubu Centrair International Airport by Meitetsu μ-SKY
  • 30 min. from Nagoya Airport by nonstop bus
  • About 30 min. on average from Nagoya Station
    to major MICE facilities
Access to Aichi/Nagoya

Rich in Accommodations

A composite network of subway lines provides easy, convenient access between MICE facilities and accommodations.

  • Over 30,000 guest rooms in total
List of Accommodations Accommodation Information on Visit Nagoya 

Nagoya’s Tourists Attractions

Nagoya has many tourist attractions that cover a wide range of fields, from Japanese history and traditional culture to the manufacturing industry, enhancing the satisfaction of MICE participants.

  • Over 49 million tourists a year (according to a FY2019 statistical report)
Official Tourist Information on Visit Nagoya