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Q.Are there any subsidies available for holding a convention in Nagoya?

A. For conventions held in Nagoya, subsidy and loan programs are available.

Information on the subsidy for international conferences

  • An application must be submitted by April 30th of the fiscal year before the conference is held.
  • Click here for details.

Information on the subsidy for the Use of Unique Venues

  • The following support programs are also available.
  • ・Subsidy for Exhibitions and Trade fairs
  • ・Information on the subsidy for expenses related to anti-COVID-19 measures
  • ・Subsidy for Domestic Conferences
  • ・Convention preparation fund loan program
  • * To receive the subsidies described above, an application needs to be submitted by an organizer or company in Japan .
  • If you have any questions, please contact the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau.
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Q.Is there any support available in addition to the subsidies?

A. We offer support programs for holding international conferences as shown below.

Tour guide-interpreter dispatch program

  • We offer a program for dispatching tour guide-interpreters who have National Government Licensed as a guide to accompany excursions associated with conferences. Please use this program for overseas visitors.
  • Click here for details.

Help provided by Convention Volunteer Nagoya

  • To help ensure smooth operation of the conferences, volunteers can be dispatched to perform auxiliary work at reception desks, cloakrooms, etc.
  • Click here for details.

Provision of sightseeing information brochures, etc.

  • We provide sightseeing information brochures, etc. free of charge.
Q.I would like to attract a conference to be held in Nagoya, what kind of support is available?

A. We offer a variety of support services to help you attract a conference, including provision of information on venues and accommodations, introduction to MICE-related companies, and assistance in accepting site inspections and preparing bid documents and presentation materials.

  • In addition, upon request, we can arrange for letters of invitation from local government heads and national government agencies. Please contact the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau regardless of the scale of the event.
Q.To consider holding a conference, we would like to visit more than one conference venue for inspection. What should we do?

A. We make arrangements for site inspections of conference venues, hotels, etc. in Nagoya to help you consider holding a conference. We can coordinate the schedule and content of the meeting according to your needs.
We can respond to site inspections by inviting organizers from overseas. Please contact the Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau.