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Our Services and Hospitality

Our Services and Hospitality

Consulting proposals

  • Assistance with floor plans
  • Arrangements for site inspection
  • Provision of publicity materials including brochures, posters, etc. Please refer to here:nagoya heart of japan.pdf PDF
  • Reservation of facilities and meeting rooms
  • Information on accommodation facilities

Support for setup

  • Coordination with governmental agencies for endorsement or subsidy applications
  • Interest –free loans
  • Introduction to convention-related service providers, such as travel agencies, PCO’s, decorators, caterers, etc.
  • Ideas for pre-post convention tours, excursions, accompanying persons programs, parties, local entertainment

Welcoming participants

  • English-speaking volunteers available
  • Arrangement of English-speaking guides(for tour bus excursions)
  • Free English and Japanese maps and visitors brochures, and discount coupons to tourist attractions
  • City Information Desk on site during conventions
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