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Support programs for attracting MICE

Information about Partner Companies

Introducing convention-related contractors from Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau's supporting members who are able to provide services regarding the preparation and operation of conferences.

PCO and Temp Agencies TEL FAX
Inter Group Corporation TEL 052-581-5300 FAX 052-581-5585
Congrès Inc.  TEL 052-950-3369 FAX 052-950-3370
Japan Convention Services, Inc. TEL 052-957-2131 FAX 052-954-2355
Convention Linkage, Inc. TEL 052-262-5083 FAX 052-262-5084
Alive Co., Ltd. TEL 03-5733-4766 FAX 03-5733-4767
Travel Agencies TEL FAX
TOBU TOP TOURS CO., LTD. TEL 052-232-1721 FAX 052-202-0752
NIPPON TRAVEL AGENCY CO., LTD. TEL 052-232-6705 FAX 052-232-6706
Meitetsu World Travel Inc. TEL 052-581-5435 FAX 052-582-5031
Meihan Kintetsu Travel Co., Ltd. TEL 052-563-7500 FAX 052-586-2202
Meitetsu Kanko Bus Co., Ltd. TEL 052-586-2208 FAX 052-582-0848
Equipment Rental Companies TEL FAX
FUJIYA CO., LTD. TEL 052-205-6711 FAX 052-205-6715
Konica Minolta, Inc. TEL 052-229-4621 FAX 052-229-4614
SAKURA International Inc. TEL 03-5646-1160 FAX 03-5646-1161