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Western Area

Chanko Tenzan

  • Chanko Tenzan
  • Chanko Tenzan

We offer fresh ingredients.

Excellent meat and newly harvested seasonal ingredients will be served.

Enjoy local sake and great selection of distilled spirit.

The shop locates around Atuta shrine.

※What is chanko-nabe?
A sumo wrestlers' meal that can be prepared as a variation on both mizutaki and yose-nabe. There are many chanko-nabe recipes using a chicken soup base.

Teppan yaki(grill) and chanko nabe(half size)

Teppan yaki(grill) and chanko nabe(half size)

Irodori grill(chicken, pork ball, sausage, pork and beef)+chanko nabe with pork


Tenzan lunch

Tenzan lunch

small portion of chanko nabe. tebasaki, rice, kishimen(nagoya noodle or chinese noodle)and dessert. (book with over 10 people)

Parking Lot


Address 〒456-0026
505 Hataya-cho, Atuta-ward, Nagoya
Area Western Area
Access 1 minute walk from Meijo line(subway) Atsuta Jingu Nishi station exit 1
TEL 052-681-1030
FAX 052-681-1037
Opening Hours Weekdays 17:00~23:00(LO、22:30)
lunch(you need reservation) 11:30~14:30
Sunday and holiday:17:00~22:00(LO、21:30)



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