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Coneri nagoya

  • Coneri nagoya
  • Coneri nagoya
  • Coneri nagoya
  • Coneri nagoya
  • Coneri nagoya
  • Coneri nagoya

A new taste. A new way of eating. A new mood. Coneri offers a joyful life through pies. Coneri specializes in pies with a crispy texture that can uplift your spirits. Our goal is to share the delight of pies all across Japan by maintaining the authentic taste of the flour and the expertise of the craftsmen who masterfully knead the dough. Thus, through the process of kneading the dough, I coined the term "coneri".
We aim to make it even more delicious, liberating, and enjoyable. With the objective of spreading the happiness of pies as far as possible, we pour ample love and innovation into every creation. We are committed to delivering the sensation of "crispy" happiness that will bring a smile to your face.


Address Aichi, Nagoya City, JR Nagoya Takashimaya B1, Meieki 1-1-4, Nakamura-ku
Area Nagoya Station



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