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Northern Area

Hitsuji Shrine

  • Hitsuji Shrine
  • Hitsuji Shrine
  • Hitsuji Shrine
  • Hitsuji Shrine
  • Hitsuji Shrine
  • Hitsuji Shrine

The name of the shrine, Hitsuji Jinja is derived from a historical connection to a person called Hitsuji Taif), who was the lord of the Hitsuji clan. According to the inscriptions on the "Tago-hi" monument in Yoshii Town, Tano District, Gunma Prefecture (now part of Takasaki City, Yoshii Town), Hitsuji Taifu used to stop at a residence in this area (currently located in Nagoya City, Kita Ward, Tsuji-cho) during his journey to the capital in Nara. The people of this land wished for peaceful living, and thus, Hitsuji Taifu enshrined the deity of fire, leading to the shrine being called Hitsuji Jinja - the shrine where Hitsuji Taifu prayed for tranquility in people's hearts.

The location of Tsuji-cho, where the shrine is situated, is described in the historical document of Owari Province as "Now, the village is called Tsuji, but it used to be known as 'Hinotsuji,' referring to its association with fire." The ancient roots of the shrine can be traced back over a thousand years, as it is recorded in the Engishiki Jinmyocho (a document from the Heian period listing the names of shrines and temples) as "Yamada District, Owari Province, Hitsuji Jinja". Although the exact founding date is unknown, it is considered an ancient shrine.


Address Nagoya City, 5-26 Tsujimachi, Kita Ward,
Area Northern Area



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