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Hikami Shimoko Shrine

  • Hikami Shimoko Shrine
  • Hikami Shimoko Shrine

Hikami Shrine is one of the subsidiary shrines of Atsuta Shrine, affectionately referred to as "Ohikami-san" since ancient times. Located in the local area of Ogatakacho in Midori Ward, Nagoya City, it gathers profound reverence and faith from the people of this region.
The Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, one of the Three Sacred Treasures, is undoubtedly enshrined at Atsuta Shrine. However, before being enshrined at Atsuta Shrine, it was worshipped in the village of Hikami (later known as Hikami and Aratamaru). That is why it is regarded as the original shrine of Atsuta Shrine.

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Address Nagoya City, 1-3 Hijoyama, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku
Area Southern Area



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