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Sakae / Fushimi

Endoji Shopping Street

  • Endoji Shopping Street
  • Endoji Shopping Street
  • Endoji Shopping Street
  • Endoji Shopping Street

Ennoudou Shopping Street is located approximately midway between Nagoya Station and Nagoya Castle. It has been a bustling district along with Osu and others since ancient times. It developed as a commercial area along Horikawa and Mino Roads after Tokugawa Ieyasu's crossing of Kiyosu, and it also thrived as a temple and shrine town. The traditional atmosphere of Nagoya's downtown still remains, with both long-established stores founded in the Meiji era and unique new shops lining the street. The Ennoudou Tanabata Festival, held jointly with Ennoudou Honmachi Shopping Street every July, is a historic festival that dates back to 1956. Additionally, there is a preserved district called Shimamichi nearby, featuring old storehouses and remaining rooftop deities.

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Address 〒460-8430
Nagoya City, Nishiku Nagono 1-chōme 6 - 16
Area Sakae / Fushimi



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