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Eastern Area

Kenchuji Temple

  • Kenchuji Temple
  • Kenchuji Temple
  • Kenchuji Temple
  • Kenchuji Temple

Kenchuji is a temple belonging to the Jodoshu sect of Buddism and was established by the 2nd lord of Owari-han, Tokugawa Mitsutomo, in 1651 to pray for the soul of his late father, Yoshinao. Since its establishment, this temple has been the family temple of the Owari Tokugawa Family. There is a Gongen style mausoleum which is registered as prefectural cultural property at the back of the main building and ancestral memorial tablets of successive lords are enshrined in it. The temple's gate which was built in 1652 is the tower gate of sangen-ikko style (a 3x2-bay gate).

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Address 〒461-0003
1-7-57 Tsutsui, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Area Eastern Area
TEL +81-52-935-3845
FAX +81-52-935-9411
Opening Hours 5:00~17:00
Regular Holiday Open year round
Parking 10 passenger car parking spaces



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