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Aug 26,2020 News

Oasis 21 i Center hands-on events to resume from September

Held in front of Oasis 21 i Center, hands-on dyeing events will restart from September.

Date held
Marble dyeing experience: Saturday, September 19
Arimatsu-Narumi tie-dyeing: Sunday, September 20

In front of Oasis 21 i Center

In order for everyone to enjoy the events safely, reservations will be accepted from Tuesday, September 1. (*First come, first served)
Same-day participation is possible if there are any empty seats.

About reservations

Reservations can be made in advance at Oasis 21 i Center or by phone from Tuesday, September 1. (*First come, first served)

【Oasis 21 i Center】
TEL: 052-963-5252
Time: 10:00 AM-6:00 PM

・Reservations are given priority, same-day participation is possible if seats are available.
・Reservations for both hands-on event days will start from 10:00 AM on Tuesday, September 1 at the Oasis 21 i Center counter and by phone.
Any and all requests for tentative reservations, etc. before the above date will not be accepted.
(*On Tuesday, September 8, all of Oasis 21 will be closed and phone calls will not be answered)
・ In order to avoid long stays, seats will be reserved for 30 minutes.
 Please choose from one of the start times below.
 11:00 AM / 11:30 AM / 12:00 PM / 12:30 PM
 2:30 PM / 3:00 PM / 3:30 PM / 4:00 PM
・Up to two dyed goods per day (may be limited to one per day depending on the circumstances).
・Hands-on experience events may be cancelled if novel coronavirus infections increase significantly. In that case, those with reservations will be contacted, so please provide your name and contact information when making a reservation. If the event is cancelled, information will be posted on "Visit Nagoya."
・ Please be sure to contact Oasis 21 i Center if you need to cancel your reservation.

Requests for Cooperation

・ Wear a mask (everyone is asked to prepare their own).
Those who have difficulty physically wearing a mask are asked to protect themselves by following other anti-infection measures such as wearing a face shield.
・ Wear rubber gloves (also provided at the venue).
・ Fill out name and contact information.
*To be disposed of after one month. The personal information provided will not be used for any purposes outside of novel coronavirus anti-infection measures.

Please refrain from participating if you fall under any of the following.

・Those with a temperature of 37.5 or higher on the day (temperatures will be taken again at the time of participation)
・Those with extreme fatigue or difficulty breathing
・Those who experience a change in taste or smell that is different from normal
・Those who have travelled to an entry-restricted country within the last 14 days or have entered from a country/region that requires an observation period, as well as those who have been in close contact with someone who meets the above
・Those who suspect that family members in the same household or others they know are infected

*If you are diagnosed with the novel coronavirus after participating in a hands-on event (within 14 days), please promptly contact Oasis 21 i Center.

Hands-on events

Marble dyeing experience
Oasis 21 marble dyeing experience

【Date】Saturday, September 19
【Hours】11:00 AM-1:00 PM 2:30 PM-4:30 PM (reception until 4:00 PM)
【Participation time】 15 min.
【Admission】800 yen and up

Dye a handkerchief with a marble, heart, flower or other pattern of your choice.

Arimatsu-Narumi tie-dyeing experience
Oasis 21 Arimatsu-Narumi tie-dyeing experience

【Date】Sunday, September 20
【Hours】11:00 AM-1:00 PM 2:30 PM-4:30 PM (reception until 4:00 PM)
【Participation time】 20 min.
【Instructor】 KONSEI CO., LTD Mr. KONDO Yasuhito
【Admission】 1,000 yen

Make a hand towel using a technique called "Yukibana-Shibori."

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