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Southern Area

Oka Family Residence (Arimatsu)

  • Oka Family Residence (Arimatsu)
  • Oka Family Residence (Arimatsu)

A designated cultural property of Nagoya. Important townscape building. Built in late Edo period, Okatei is a building in which substantial architectural style is well preserved and it is the biggest residence in Arimatsu. The residence consists of a main house, a workplace and two warehouses. Its well-preserved architectural styles include renjikoshi, a kind of lattice window; namakokabe, a wall with square tiles jointed with raised plaster; mushikomado, a type of window containing an insect cage-like lattice; and nurigome-zukuri, a process used to build a fire-resistant wall. The wave-shaped fire-resistant plaster wall under eaves is a prominent feature of the house.

Bus Boarding Restaurant


Address 〒458-0924
Arimatsu-cho, Midori-ku, Nagoya
Area Southern Area



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