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Kurokawa Yuzen-Nagashi

  • Kurokawa Yuzen-Nagashi

This is a feature of spring in the Kita-ku area, where you can enjoy a fantastic performance by both Nagoya-style yuzen dyed items and blooming cherry blossoms. There used to be many dyeing plants along the Kurokawa river, where you could see glue being removed from yuzen-dyed products in the river. This event is a reenactment of that.

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Lịch trình Early Apr.
Địa điểm Near Tsujisakae Bridge over Kurokawa River
Phí Free
Chi tiết giá Free to watch
Tiếp xúc 北区民まちづくり推進協議会
TEL 052-917-6433
FAX 052-914-5752
Truy Cập Approx. 5-minute walk from Kami Iida Station on the Meijo subway line

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