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Osu Street Performing Festival

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  • Osu Street Performing Festival

The Osu Street Performing Festival includes such street performances as saru mawashi (monkey tricks) and banana no tatakiuri (bananas sold the traditional Japanese way) as well as unique performances that include rock music Kabuki and a kinpun show (a show using gold dust). One performance you mustn’t miss the parade of oiran (courtesans) wearing beautiful clothes.

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Lịch trình 14/10/2022 ~ 16/10/2022
Thời gian 19th 11:00~20:00
20th 11:00~19:00
Tiếp xúc Osu Shopping District Association
TEL +81-52-261-2287
FAX +81-52-241-6222
Truy Cập Kamimaezu station on Tsurumai/Maijo line OR Osu Kannon station on Tsurumai line

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