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Marvel of the Moon, Tokugawaen Moon Viewing Event

Chuyến du lịch này đã kết thúc.

Tokugawaen is open at night for the "jugoya (fifteenth night)" and the "jusanya (thirteenth night)" on August 15 and September 13 of the lunar calendar. However, the schedule changes every year.
It is said that viewing the moons on both the jugoya and jusanya brings good luck. A decorated Japanese-style boat is lit up and floats upon Ryusenko pond for the moon viewing. Take in the sight of the beautiful moon together with a nighttime Japanese garden.

Chi tiết về cơ sở

Lịch trình 30/9/2020 , 1/10
Thời gian 9:30 AM–8:30 PM (Admission until 8:00 PM)
Địa điểm Tokugawaen
1001 Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
Phí Admission fee required
Chi tiết giá Adults: 300 yen, city residents over 65: 100 yen, junior high school students and younger: free
Tiếp xúc Tokugawaen
TEL 052-935-8988
Truy Cập ●Near the Me~guru Nagoya Sightseeing Route Bus "4 Tokugawaen, The Tokugawa Art Museum, Hosa Library" Bus Stop
●3-minute walk from the Tokugawaen Shindeki city bus stop
●10-minute walk from the south exit of Ozone Station on the JR line

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