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Curry Udon

Curry Udon

Curry Noodle

Whether working up your appetite during the hot season or warming up your body from the core during the cold season, curry udon noodles is Nagoya's popular dish that you can enjoy year round. Restaurants compete with each other to cook better curry roux, which clings to thick noodles and makes an excellent taste. The soup is very thick, with roux and broth blending with each other in complete harmony. It is quite different from the curry udon often seen in the Kansai Region, which is just curry roux poured over udon noodles in broth. Several kinds of curry pastes are mixed in an original recipe with red pepper, black pepper and secret seasoning to add a sweet touch. The roux is sticky even though no starch is added. The curry roux is mixed with chicken broth and Japanese soup stock, and is poured over udon noodles. Not only spicy but also flavored with Japanese soup stock and chicken stock, the udon dish tastes well-balanced and delicious.

Please contact each restaurant for more details.

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