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Nagoya Castle Summer Festival

  • Nagoya Castle Summer Festival

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This festival illustrates the atmosphere of Japanese festivals in the olden days, primarily using the chochin (paper lanterns) that are used during the Obon holidays. You will enjoy bon dancing (which varies in style according to region in Japan), a beer garden, and fair booths (a common scene at Japanese festivals) for a fun night in Nagoya. Also, as the festival is held at Nagoya Castle, it is unique in that visitors are given a close-up view of Nagoya Castle, the main keep of which is open and illuminated at night. Nagoya Castle makes this festival an experience out of the ordinary.

Chi tiết về cơ sở

Lịch trình Early Aug., Mid-Aug.
Phí Admission fees apply
Tiếp xúc Nagoya Castle Management Office
TEL +81-52-231-1700
FAX +81-52-201-3646

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