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Special Features

Nagoya City Promotion Movie,

New movies have been completed introducing the traditional & futuristic charm of Nagoya.
The concept is a "COOL! NAGOYA"
We are introducing our attractive HISTORY, FOOD and NIGHT TIME SIGHTSEEING SPOTS with electronic dance music composed by Yamato.
Please enjoy them.
*We took videos after thorough infectious disease measures.

Location Guide about "HISTORY"

1. Shikemichi Old Town Preservation District

Shikemichi District1 pic
Shikemichi District2 pic

2. Nagoya Buddha / Toganji Temple
 名古屋大仏 桃巌寺 

Toganji Tmple1 pic
Toganji Temple2 pic

3. Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle1 pic
Nagoya Castle2 pic

4. Hommaru Palace (Hommaru-Goten) at Nagoya Castle

Hommaru Palace1 pic
Hommaru Palace2 pic

5. Tokugawaen(Tokugawaen Garden)

Tokugawaen Garden1 pic
Tokugawaen Garden2 pic

6. The Tokugawa Art Museum

Tokugawa Art Museum1 pic
Tokugawa Art Museum2 pic

7. Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing (Tie-Dyeing Kuno-Studio)

Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing1 pic
Arimatsu Tie-Dyeing2 pic

8. Osu Kannon (Osu Kannon Temple)

Osu Kannon Temple1 pic
Osu Kannon Temple2 pic

9. Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology

Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology1 pic
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology2 pic

10. Atsuta Jingu (Atsuta Shrine)

Atsuta Jingu Shrine1 pic
Atsuta Jingu Shrine2 pic

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