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Noodle in Miso Broth

Some say the origin of Nagoya's miso-nikomi noodle is the hoto noodle dish of Yamanashi Prefecture. During the Warring States Period, warlord Takeda Shingen used as battle food hoto noodles, which were brought from the Takeda Family to the Tokugawa Family after the demise of the Takeda clan by surviving Takeda retainers. The base is clear soup made with stock of dried bonito, shiitake mushroom, kombu kelp, and other ingredients, and the soup is seasoned with thick soy source and sweet sake. What is special about the Nagoya style is the use of haccho-miso, the salty red miso paste made only from beans without using koji rice malt. Another distinctive feature is the serving style: one serving is boiled in a small earthen pot and is served as it is piping-hot. Popular ingredients include chicken, egg, green onion, shiitake mushroom and mochi rice cake.

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