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Introducing convenient areas to travel to around Nagoya City. Once you've decided on an area to go to, discover nearby spots and events to help you enjoy Nagoya all the more. Be sure to check out the feature pages for each area, too, including the area around Nagoya Station, the heart of the city with Sakae at its center, and others. Make your way to Nagoya and master the ins and outs of each area.

Fushimi & Sakae Areas

Fushimi & Sakae Areas

Another of Nagoya’s popular downtown areas is the trendier shopping and business region, Sakae. The northern parts of Sakae feature Nagoya’s famed landmark TV Tower, and the vibrant Oasis 21 venue, with its many stylish cafes and shops.
In between Sakae and Nagoya Station is the Fushimi area, which, compared to Nagoya Station and Sakae, is a more intimate area. Fushimi is home to the world’s biggest planetarium, the 35m wide Brother Earth Planetarium, part of the Nagoya City Science Museum. Beside it is the Nagoya City Museum of Art located in a tranquil park. Nagoya’s Misonoza, where Kabuki and other cultural performances are held, is also in Fushimi, along with many popular gourmet spots.

Fushimi & Sakae Areas

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