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Introducing convenient areas to travel to around Nagoya City. Once you've decided on an area to go to, discover nearby spots and events to help you enjoy Nagoya all the more. Be sure to check out the feature pages for each area, too, including the area around Nagoya Station, the heart of the city with Sakae at its center, and others. Make your way to Nagoya and master the ins and outs of each area.

Southern Districts: Atsuta Shrine, Shinjobashi & Yagoto areas

Southern Districts: Atsuta Shrine, Shinjobashi & Yagoto areas

With over 1,900 years of history, Atsuta Shrine is recognized as a power spot, a mystical and spiritual place believed to endow visitors with refreshing or healing energy. It is revered as Japan’s second most prestigious shrine after the Great Shrine of Ise and is visited by 6.5 million worshippers a year. One of the three Sacred Imperial Treasures, the legendary Kusanagi Sword, is kept at Atsuta. Soak up the spiritual atmosphere of the shrines’ sacred forests and enjoy the history. Take a walk around the shrine’s southern areas to the former famed Tokaido highway Miya-juku post town district, including the site of the Shichiri ferry that took samurai and commoners on the 27km water borne stretch of the highway, and where the ruling Tokugawa clan’s warships berthed. The area is home to some of the best loved traditional Nagoya food restaurants, such as the long, thin Kishimen noodles in a tasty broth, and Hitsumabushi, well grilled eel served on rice with condiments.

Southern Districts: Atsuta Shrine, Shinjobashi & Yagoto areas

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