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Special Features

Nagoya City Promotion Movie,

New movies have been completed introducing the traditional & futuristic charm of Nagoya.
The concept is a "COOL! NAGOYA"
We are introducing our attractive HISTORY, FOOD and NIGHT TIME SIGHTSEEING SPOTS with electronic dance music composed by Yamato.
Please enjoy them.
*We took videos after thorough infectious disease measures.

Location Guide about "FOOD"

1. Komeda Coffee shop

Komeda Coffee shop pic

2. Kakuozan Kichiimo (Candied Sweet potato shop)
 覚王山 吉芋(覚王山本店) 

Kakuozan Kichiimo pic

3. Yanagibashi Central Market

Yanagibashi Central Market1 pic
Yanagibashi Central Market2 pic

4. Nigiri no Tokubei(Sushi train restaurant)

Nigiri no Tokubei pic
Nigiri no Tokubei pic

5. Eat around Osu Kannon temple & Osu Shopping District in Nagoya

Osu Kannon temple pic
Osu Kannon temple
Osu Shopping District1 pic
Osu Shopping District
Osu Shopping District2 pic
Osu Shopping District

6. Misokatsu Yabaton(Misokatsu, deep-fried pork cutlet with miso sauce, restaurant)
 味噌カツ 矢場とん (矢場町本店) 

Misokatsu Yabaton1 pic
Misokatsu Yabaton2 pic

7. Kakuozan Fruits Daifuku Benzaiten
 覚王山フルーツ大福 弁財天(覚王山本店) 

A harmony of Shiroan (white bean paste) and Gyuhi (rice cake) that brings out the best of the fruit.
Moderately sweet Shiroan and seasonal fruits directly delivered from the market place, are all wrapped in Gyuhi made of high quality Habutae powder.
Kakuozan Fruits Daifuku Benzaiten1 pic
Kakuozan Fruits Daifuku Benzaiten2 pic

8. Nagoya Namazuya (Grilled eel restaurant)

Nagoya Namazuya1 pic
Nagoya Namazuya2 pic

9. Tsuruya(Skewered rice dumplings in a sweet soy glaze shop)

Tsuruya1 pic
Tsuruya2 pic

10. Miyakishimen(Kishimen Udon Noodle restaurant)

Kishimen is one of Japanese Udon, wheat noodles, and it is uniquely shaped into much flatter and wider than other usual ones.
Miyakishimen1 pic
Miyakishimen2 pic

11. Sapporo Kanihonke(Crab restaurant)

Sapporo Kanihonke1 pic
Sapporo Kanihonke2 pic

12. Sekai no Yamachan (Tebasaki, deep-fried chicken wings, restaurant)

Sekai no Yamachan1 pic
Sekai no Yamacha2 picn

13. Kaminoi Shuzo(Japanese Sake, liquor, shop)

Kaminoi Shuzo1 pic
Kaminoi Shuzo2 pic

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