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  • Finding Yourself in Hot Water is a Hell of a Way to Relax in Nagoya

    Finding Yourself in Hot Water is a Hell of a Way to Relax in Nagoya!

    Being located directly along the Pacific Ocean’s Ring Of Fire, about 10% of the world’s active volcanos are found in Japan. Thanks to this, the Japanese have long enjoyed the benefits of thermal hot spring resorts. It has become part of the culture, and here’s how and where you can experience that culture and the pleasures of hot springs in the Nagoya region.

  • Photogenic Nagoya

    Photogenic Nagoya

    For many years the powers that be painted Nagoya in a somewhat unfavorable light. Nagoya was portrayed simply as an industrial region, bereft of much of beauty or interest. While it is true that the art of manufacturing was perfected in Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture, and as such, has become the financially strongest region in Japan, it also provides a wide range of scenes unknown to the average tou…

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