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  • Special Collection of Nagoya Flower Viewing Events in 2020

    Spring! Cherry blossoms! Flower viewing! Here are the famous cherry blossom spots and flower viewing events in Nagoya.

  • Plum Blossom Information

    Plum Blossom Information

    View the flowers of approximately 700 trees, both red and white plum trees, as they come into bloom. Enjoy a petting zoo with small animals, street performances (*cancelled on rainy days), an open-air market, and bonsai display during the event period. *Parking during the event period is 500 yen.

  • Famous Blossom Viewing Spots in Aichi & Nagoya

    Famous Blossom Viewing Spots in Aichi & Nagoya

    Nature has always played a prominent role throughout Japan’s long history and deep culture. Look at the family crests, for example, and note how many feature flowers or leaves. Look at the iconic images of Japan, and flowers will somehow always be present. Enjoying flowers, particularly flowers seen as auspicious, has also been a major part of traditional Japanese culture. To best understand Japa…

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