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  • Arimatsu Narumi Shibori

    Cultural Treasures of Nagoya & Aichi, The Traditional Skills, Art & Craft of Manufacturing

    Nagoya City and Aichi Prefecture have long enjoyed an economic clout far stronger than that of powerhouses Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima or any other region. Since the feudal period Nagoya and Aichi have been one of Japan’s leading traditional manufacturing areas. Here, manufacturing was perfected as an art, and the art of manufacturing textiles, ceramics, household and daily use items, various arts an…

  • The story of Japan’s financial powerhouse,  Nagoya, and the art of manufacturing

    The story of Japan’s financial powerhouse, Nagoya, and the art of manufacturing

    The story of Nagoya is one of innovation. During the Sengoku, or Warring States period, the region’s samurai were among the most ingenious and daring, creating advanced weaponry, armor, castles and tactics. During the peaceful feudal period, the lords of Nagoya maintained that innovative spirit, encouraging the arts, crafts and manufacturing among the populace. Following the collapse of the Shog…

  • Photogenic Nagoya

    Photogenic Nagoya

    For many years the powers that be painted Nagoya in a somewhat unfavorable light. Nagoya was portrayed simply as an industrial region, bereft of much of beauty or interest. While it is true that the art of manufacturing was perfected in Nagoya and Aichi Prefecture, and as such, has become the financially strongest region in Japan, it also provides a wide range of scenes unknown to the average tou…

  • Nagoya Flower Viewing Special Feature

    Spring is in the air: 2024 Nagoya Flower Viewing Special Feature

    The city of Nagoya is full of famous spots boasting a myriad of cherry blossoms—from those with early bloomers and blossoms blooming in a relay of succession to those counted among Japan's Top 100 Cherry Blossoms Spots. Walk along paths lined with flowering cherry trees, capture the beauty with your camera, and just plain enjoy the spectacular scenery which comes but once every spring. Check out…

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