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    Nagoya City Promotion Movie, "COOL! NAGOYA" "MATSURI"

    New movies have been completed introducing the traditional & futuristic charm of Nagoya. The concept is a “COOL! NAGOYA”. We are introducing our attractive MATSURI(Festival)& FAMILY TRIP (recommended places for family vacations)with electronic dance music composed by Yamato. Please check them out! *We took videos after thorough infectious disease measures. The city of Nagoya is situated…

  • Nagoya Illumination Special Collection

    Nagoya Illumination Special Collection 2021-2022

    Nagoya is full of fun events like illumination, skating rinks, fireworks, and more in winter. Have a wonderful time in Nagoya with that special someone. *Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus, event contents are subject to change. Please confirm the latest information on the official websites whenever possible before heading out.

  • 2021-2022 Year-end and New Year Holiday Special Feature

    Enjoy the New Year in Nagoya Feature 2021-2022

    An abundance of fun, must-see New Year's events during the year-end and new year holiday like the tolling of temple bells, the first visit of the year to a shrine or temple, and special new year events. Have a wonderful time bringing in the new year in Nagoya with family and friends. *Due to the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), event contents are subject to change. Please confirm th…

  • Special Collection of Nagoya Flower Viewing Events in 2021

    Special Collection of Nagoya Flower Viewing Events in 2022

    In addition to locations that rank among the 100 best spots for cherry blossoms in Japan, Nagoya is home to many famous places for cherry blossoms. Whether it’s strolling along a road lined with cherry trees or taking photos of the scenery at Nagoya Castle, enjoy Nagoya’s cherry blossoms in the way you like best. From major spots to little-known places, our feature introduces 12 recommended flow…

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